Becky Lewis


Becky Lewis draws on her diverse public accounting background to lead clients through the intricacies of effective financial management including cash flow solutions, proper budgeting and long-term planning. She pulls all of her skills together to help lead All In One Accounting as the Chief Financial Officer.

Becky Lewis created a system that reports the contribution margin of every team member so leadership knows how to profitably staff projects, which has also led to smarter hiring decisions. She’s created sophisticated consultations to get the most out of insurance and banking relationships and other services like audit and tax procedures, board meeting prep, and more! Becky continues to support All In One Accounting with ongoing measurements of key business metrics, margin analysis, and internal training of team members.

Becky graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting. She has previously held a CPA certification.

She and her husband live in Prior Lake with their two children.

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