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This particular client was in dire need of help. They had hired a few people for their accounting department that just weren’t a good fit … as a result, their systems and processes were a mess and they got behind in everything. Although they tried to make replacements, they continued attracting – and hiring – people who were not a good fit.


All In One Accounting came in and got things done. Invoices got paid, books got balanced and accounts were managed. Then they grew into needing a full-time accounting associate. We helped by doing the recruiting and facilitated the hiring – from the creation of a job description to the interviews and background checks.

And it didn’t stop there. We trained and mentored the new hire, making sure things were complete, accurate and thorough. Today we provide accounting leadership and month end with an All In One Controller.


  • Got their accounting in order – quickly and accurately
  • Brought an incredible amount of peace of mind to the owner
  • Put the right resources in place, at the right time

These are people who come in and act and feel like a part of our team.

David Ewald, President & CEO of Ewald Consulting