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All In One Accounting has worked with this client since the first day they were in business. The partnership has been very exciting – and very successful!

With the volatile nature of the real estate industry, we knew it’d be critical to offer CFO-level support in order to help them think and act strategically.


We have set up their accounting for growth over the last 14 years – they went from 0 properties to more than 40. They also have rehabilitated 10+ properties to buy and sell. We provide CFO level support to get financing/refinancing and to take advantage of market conditions. In fact, All In One Accounting provided accurate, timely financial data to get them loans when no banks were providing them during the economic crisis. They use our full suite of offerings including day to day accounting, forecasting, budgeting and more.


  • They’ve experienced a huge percentage of growth, going from 0 properties to 40+ and counting, plus 10 rehab projects.
  • Increased profitability:
    • Having accurate financials has allowed this client to identify unnecessary expenses and opportunities to increase revenue
    • They’ve adjusted rents to keep up with the market based on market analysis
  • All In One Accounting advises with integrity and provides strong financial approach and analysis, which has allowed us to help this client build $2+ million in equity in 13 years

I really enjoy working with Missy and the All In One Accounting team, life changing.
Jane Green, CEO at Harry Green, LLC