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Our client came to us about 10 years ago because his financials were in chaos and he knew he needed help. He didn’t understand anything about the numbers side of the business; for example, there was a $500k liability on the books and the owner didn’t know what it was.


We came in, cleaned up and created a process that led to getting good data and information that helped grow the business. Once we got up and running we were able to continue providing month-end support. Other services included installation of controls, budget, bank reporting, loan support, and software conversion.


  • Uncovered embezzlement by our client’s in-house bookkeeper – then helped transition to a new bookkeeper and implement controls.
  • Provided owner with a true understanding of financials: how/where they make money, margins, cost cutting, etc.
  • Accurate financial data – owner was able to address issues and make decisions about the business.
  • Went from $2 million in revenue and 12 employees to $8 million and 70 people.
  • Growth lead to hiring full time accounting staff.

The All In One team listens to our challenges, provides skillful guidance where needed, and reaches out to a greater network for answers to challenging questions, highlighting the solid support system channeled to our company through the All In One staff members who most frequently support us.