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Creating access to life-saving medical care for children in Southern Baja, Mexico. This client didn’t start this nonprofit organization because he had experience – he started it because he cared about the health of a child who didn’t have access to medical care. As they grew, their audit firm referred them to us as they found there was a need for some additional controls around their accounting practices.


All In One Accounting needed to work hard to ensure this client was able to continue raising money for their important cause – the health of children.

  • We came in and cleaned up the existing financial processes, caught them up on all accounting and trained them how to maintain the day to day.
  • We introduced structure into their accounting department and practices that would lead to clean audits … because clean audits lead to increased contributions.
  • All In One continues to train and mentor onsite in Mexico and remotely.


  • Got an unqualified audit the first time around, and every year since.
  • Reduced the time it takes to close books from more than a month to 10 days.
  • Reduced the All In One Accounting bills by 20% due to increased efficiency – which means our client can impact more children’s lives.
  • Peace of mind knowing All In One Accounting has a local presence in Cabo San Lucas

Jennifer provides consultative services based on integrity and a commitment to customer service. She is easily accessible, is engaged in our work as an organization, and demonstrates a desire to be a part of our team. Jennifer is able to articulate the financial picture of the organization in a way that all stakeholders can understand. Staff feel comfortable approaching her and know that questions will be answered accurately.