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The owner of this company didn’t know where to turn or what to do: He had a Controller for eight years and it just wasn’t working anymore. He took action and terminated the Controller – but then felt even more lost. He needed help – immediately – with his own accounting, as well as the accounting for his company’s more than 35 clients.


All In One Accounting was able to help this client turn a significant moment of despair into a time of empowerment and growth.

  • Leveraged technology and instituted cross training and mentoring of the internal team to go from full-time Controller to 2 days per week.
  • Took their accounting process from manual to automated and paperless.
  • Designed and delivered a customized solution that grows with their changing business; We’ve ebbed and flowed with them over the years, making adjustments, continuing to adapt to meet their needs, from bookkeeping to Controller to CFO services.


We’ve been working with this client for almost a decade now, and here’s why they continue to trust in and turn to All In One Accounting:

  • Doubled their business
  • Grown their employee base from 30 to 80
  • Taken their business from local to international
  • Increased efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Mentored, trained new leadership
  • Prepared them for growth

I enjoy working with clients of All In One Accounting because I know I will receive accurate and timely information that will allow me to have the confidence to make loan decisions that will allow our mutual clients to prosper. The best thing any business that is applying for a loan can do is to present their bank with information that reflects that they have a good handle on their financial position. Working with All In One will allow you to do that!

Jim Louwagie, Vice President/Commercial Banker, Merchants Bank.