Construction – All In One Accounting

One thing leads to another


Local Cable Systems Construction Company




While we came in to perform month end functions, there were a few things the All In One team was able to address.

First, this particular client had struggled for years to get accurate financials. He had a number of companies and lots of work in progress so his team wasn’t consistent and information wasn’t accurate. He was blindly steering the ship.

Next, it turned out the owner didn’t even know if he was making money. He was working so hard but feeling defeated. The construction industry had lots of ups and downs and, in his own words, ‘I never lost more money than when I was making money.’ (In other words, he didn’t have enough information and he wasn’t paying attention when things were good.)

And thirdly, he had a whole accounting team but no leader.


We wasted no time setting up an accounting process to get to a system that worked for him. There were many moving parts because he had multiple businesses in multiple places, but we were able to provide accurate financials.

While he had a team of accounting people on staff, there was a huge lack of leadership and no accountability. So we came in at a CFO level to lead his team.


  • Accurate financials after 15 years of business – finally!
  • Ability to secure financing based on good financials for future projects.
  • All In One was instrumental in client’s survival during the economic downturn.
  • Completed a pricing strategy and analysis, which made a huge impact on his bottom line.

Heide is in consistent communication with our company and ensures everything is correct before reports are delivered. It is comforting to know that she is the last step in the reviewed process.