Collateral Exams

Evaluating the needs of our customers




Collateral Exams


We saw a huge need to help our banking partners be successful. Collateral exams were in high demand but there was a three to four month wait to get one done. Heide couldn’t watch another client receive bad service and lose out on business opportunities, so the All In One team started performing them.


Fast, efficient, respectful collateral exams – performed by a senior level CFO. We are very responsive, very fair and very thorough.


  • Helped banks and clients secure lines of credit, which helps clients grow their businesses.
  • Built relationship with banking partners, which allows us to move quickly.
  • We’re a trusted advisor to help business keep moving forward.
  • More lending is happening to small businesses as a direct result of the credit journey being done accurately and timely.

Jenn and Janet became one of us very quickly. They are honest and if they are unsure of information they have an entire team to go back to for guidance and we appreciate that. They are easy to work with and they go out of their way to assure that we understand the processes they want to put in place to better our future as a company.