Paycheck Protection Program;
Maximizing Forgiveness

You've Got PPP Funding - Now What?

All In One Accounting has been here supporting businesses in getting prepped and approved for PPP loans, as well as working out easy to use systems to track the loans to maximize forgiveness.

Now that you've gotten your funding and it's time to start tracking it. Tracking your funding should start the day you received your funds. But how? What's the easiest way to track you're funding?

We've created a simple to use checklist and tracking spreadsheet to help you manage your PPP funding and maximize the loan forgiveness.

What you get in the Toolkit:

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PPP Forgiveness Checklist
- Key areas to keep in mind to maximize forgiveness
- Things to watch out for when tracking your PPP loan

PPP Funds Tracker
- Spreadsheet created to track spending with PPP funds

PPP Forgiveness Application
- The application used to submit to the SBA to calculate the portion of your loan that will be forgiven.