Looking back and moving forward

Heide Olson always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She came by it naturally – her parents were entrepreneurs too.

Very early in her accounting career, she was able to see – with the help of a friend and mentor – a real need in the Twin Cities for small businesses to be able to outsource knowledgeable accounting professionals on an as-needed basis.

So she followed her childhood dream and in 2004 All In One Accounting was born in the basement of her home. The company experienced slow and steady growth until 2009. Because of customer demands, Heide began adding services, including bookkeeping and controller needs. With expanded services came a bigger employee base and more resources for clients.

By 2010, Heide was also mom to four kids. As her family grew, so did her business. All In One Accounting moved from the humble basement of Heide’s home to a small office space, where she could continue to grow her team of professionals who shared common goals: to give outstanding client service, be passionate about small business, and to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Around that time All In One implemented Traction, an entrepreneurial operating system that helped the company establish fluidity, communication, and consistent expansion – frustration free. It was and continues to be an absolute game-changer in how we interact with clients and deal with internal roadblocks.

Becky Lewis, C.O.O. of All In One Accounting, was hired in 2011 and brought with her an unparalleled work ethic, innovative ideas, and a passion for saving time and money. Becky and Heide worked together to establish a set of core values that capture who we are and who we want to be, and dictate who we work with, employees and clients alike. Our values are the foundation of our company and they keep us focused on exceeding expectations and connecting with our client base beyond numbers and bank statements.

All In One Accounting began as a simple idea and has grown into a very successful partner to more than 400 active customers around the world. Having started with nothing, the company went from one employee to more than 50, has averaged 25 percent growth year to year over the past 5 years, and we’re now on pace to achieve 5 million in revenue by the end of 2021. We hope you join us on our amazing journey. We’re just getting started. And you should too – Contact us now.

Group photo of AIOA complete staff outside